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The Debs Ball Ireland – Planning for the Guys

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Debs Ireland – Debs Ball Planning For The Guys

Suppliers for the Your Ball

Before your The Debs Ball Ireland you will need to look around for various debs suppliers directory ireland, you can visit the Debs Suppliers Directory on, where you will find plenty of suppliers.


If dinner is not served at the Debs Venue Ireland and the Debs Hotel Ireland then the tickets can usually cost between €40-€50 per couple. If dinner is included in the ticket price then it could cost between €90-150 per couple. If this is the case, you may want to offer to split the cost of the ticket with your date.

What To Wear

Most guys wear debs tuxedo hire ireland to their Debs Ball, but in some places a nice dark-colored suit is acceptable. If you rent a tuxedo, the going rate is €50-€150 depending on the extras you might want. In most cases you will want the works including shoes, cuff links, shirt, tie, full-back vest or cummerbund, jacket, and pants. When you are fitted for your tuxedo a small deposit is usually required. Most places prefer that you get fitted well in advance to avoid last minute problems.


It is customary for the guy to buy a debs corsage ireland for his date and debs flowers ireland for the mother of the date. Order it at least two weeks before the Night. You can either get one that you pin on her gown or one she wears around her wrist. It would be wise to ask her which kind she favors. If she is wearing a strapless gown, you need to buy a wrist corsage. The proper way for the corsage to be worn is the flower going upward and the stems down. If it is a wrist corsage, the bow is closest to the hand with the flower going up the arm. Both the wrist corsage and body corsage are worn on the left. Find out the color of her gown so that you can match the corsage. How much you spend varies greatly. Most guys spend between €25-€50.


There will be a photographer at the Debs. These picture packages can be rather expensive. Get the price list at school before the night of The Debs Ball so that you can plan accordingly. Most photographers take cheques with the proper ID or credit cards. That would be safer than carrying cash. You could spend between €35-€150 on the debs photos ireland. Check with your debs photographer ireland for packages and payment options.


Renting a debs limousine hire in ireland can cost €350 or more. You could split the cost with a few other couples.

Remeber Limousines in Ireland are only licensed and insured to carry 8 Passengers Max.

Make sure that the limousine service is licensed by the NATIONAL TRANSPORT AUTHORITY. You can find out if your limousine is licenced and insured of Transport for Ireland Limousine Section If you are usinglimousine hire call evening before the Debs to confirm the time it will arrive. If this is too expensive you can borrow your parent’s car or drive your own. If you are driving, open the door for your date and make sure that her dress is not hanging out of the door before you close it. Make sure that your car is clean, working properly and has a full tank of petrol.


If dinner is not provided at your Debs Ball in Ireland, you may want to go somewhere beforehand. You could call a restaurant and make reservations. Be sure and check with your date first to see what kind of food she likes or dislikes. It is also important to follow proper etiquette when dining out. If you are wearing a hat, remove it when you enter the restaurant. The guy should always pull the chair out for his date and should also allow her to order first. Place your napkin in your lap before eating. If it is a large dinner napkin fold it in half. If for some reason you need to leave the table during the meal, put the napkin beside your plate. When the food arrives, eat at a moderate pace, otherwise you may end up watching her eat, which could make her feel uncomfortable.

4 Months Before the Ball

1. Make a checklist.

2. Start saving money.

3. Plan your budget to cover all costs (clothing, tickets, dinner, etc.)

4. Find out how much money your parents will contribute.

5. If you already know who you’re going to ask, ask!

3 Months Before the Ball

1. Talk with friends about who will drive and who will ride with whom.

2. Consider forming a group and renting a limousine, or appoint someone to drive.

3. Start thinking about a good restaurant for dining before Debs if dinner is not provided at Debs.

4. Get fitted for your Debs tuxedo. Find out what color dress your date is wearing, and coordinate your accessories accordingly.

6 Weeks Before the Debs Evening

1. Purchase your Debs tickets.

2. Discuss your plans for Debs with your parents.

2 Weeks Before the Debs Night

1. Finalize any last minute details.

2. Call the florist and order your date’s corsage.

3. Confirm your pick up addresses with your limousine company if a limousine has been booked

4. Confirm all reservations for Debs night.

5. Finalise all Debs activities with your date, friends, and parents.

2 Days Before the Ball

1. Wash your car, inside and out if you are going in your own car

2. Confirm dinner reservations one last time.

3. Discuss with your date the time you will pick her up.

4. Get your hair cut

5. Make sure you have enough cash to cover all Debs activities.

Day of the Ball

1. Confirm with your date the time you will pick her up.

2. Pick up your date’s corsage.

After picking up your date for the debs, its then its off to the Debs Venue / Hotels in your limousines hire, above all let help you on the way to a smooth debs ball

The Debs Ball Ireland – Girls Some Debs Planning Tips

Monday, May 5th, 2014

The Debs Ireland – Debs Ball Planning For The Girls

Cost of Tickets
If dinner there is no dinner being served at debs ball then the tickets will usually cost between €30-€50 per couple. If dinner is going to be included in the ticket price then it could cost between €90- €150 per couple. If this is the case, you may want to offer to split the cost of the ticket with your date.

Debs Dresses

The style of the debs dress you choose will vary from one year to the next year. Looking in magazines can give you an idea of what is popular. You can go to a dressmaker to have one custom made, but that can get very expensive. Shopping around in local stores and debs dress shops will give you a chance to check out the latest fashions in your area. Shopping on line has become a very popular way to see a variety of debs dresses in one place. You can use Debs Zone Ireland Many on line retailers offer detailed instructions on sizing and selection to insure proper fit. Most girls can spend upwards of between €200-€550.

Deb Accessories

Stay away from big earrings. Try on stockings beforehand to make sure the color looks right. Carry a small purse that is just big enough to hold lipstick, money, an extra pair of hose, and possibly a camera.

Debs Photographs

At most debs venues and debs hotels there will be a resident photographer. These debs photo packages can be rather expensive. You can get the price list at the school before the debs night so that you can plan accordingly. Most debs photographers take cheques with the proper ID or credit cards. That would be safer than carrying cash. You could spend between €50 – €150 on pictures. Check with the debs photographer in ireland for packages and payment options.

Hair/Nails/ Debs Make-up

Usually girls have these done professionally for their Debs Ball night. Some salons will do all three for you, or you could schedule appointments at different places. Look at Debs Zone to get ideas or check with friends to see what they like. If you do your own hair and want to try a new style or temporary perm be sure to experiment before the Ball.
You should try different styles up to six weeks before to work at a look you like best. If you use a professional, make sure the stylist knows what you want, otherwise you may dislike the results. Take in a picture from a magazine that show’s the look you’re going for.
The cost for a manicure can vary from €40-€80. You can have extensions put on or just a manicure with your own nails. You can also get a pedicure, but have this done 2-3 days beforehand. Most make-up artists charge €50-€100.

4 Months Before The Ball
1. Make a checklist.

2. Find out how much money your parents will contribute.

3. Start saving your money 

4. Pick out that special debs dress

3 Months Before your Ball
1. Begin to maintain your hair and nails.

2. Pick out your accessories to coordinate with your dress.

6 Weeks Before The Ball
1. Purchase your tickets.

2. Make an appointment to have your hair, nails, and make-up done.

3. If you are doing your own hair, start trying out different styles.

4. If you have not been asked for a date yet, check to see if the one you would like to go with has asked anyone, or ask a close friend before it’s too late. You can also go with a group of friends and have just as much fun and sometimes more.

5. Discuss your plans for your night with your parents.

4 Weeks Before The Ball
1. Start wearing your shoes around the house to break them in.

2. Pick up your dress.

3. If you haven’t already done so, introduce your date to your parents so there are no surprises on the Night!

2 Weeks Before The Debs Ball
1. Confirm all reservations and appointments you have made for the day and night of the ball.

2. Take care of last minute details: pantyhose, film, etc.

The Day
1. Pick up your date’s boutonniere.

2. Go to your hair, nails, and makeup appointment(s).

3. Put some extra cash in your purse.

History of the Debutante Ball or Debs Ball
The debutante ball is European in origin. In fact, the word “debutante” is derived from the French word “debuter,” which means, “to lead off.” In the English court of St. James,
the parents of young and affluent girls were looking to join the girls in marriage to men of comparable social standing and pedigree.
During the court’s season of April through July, many parties were held among the upper-class royals.
the emerging, yet extremely wealthy, middle class soon sought sponsors to present their daughters to this group of entitled bachelors and their families. The first party of the season involved the presentation of these women to the Queen.
The bow to the Queen is now referred to as the St. James bow, and is the highlight of the debutante balls of today. According to Wikipedia, Queen Elizabeth II abolished the formal presentation of debutantes to the court in 1958.

The original purpose of a public debut was to announce a young girl’s eligibility for marriage. Debutante balls are also known as “coming-out-parties,” cotillions and debuts. The debutantes would wear white formal ball gowns and pearls.
Modern debutante balls or debs balls in ireland signify the end of secondary school and teenage years and transition to adulthood as most debutantes are 17-18 years old. In Ireland Debs Balls are held during the months of July right through until November

Graduation nights for those in their leaving year take place around the month of May in Ireland

Debs Committees – 8 Top Tips for The Debs Ball in Ireland

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Debs Committee Debs Ball Tips

Venues & Hotels

The Debs Venue can make or break the Debs night, so make sure you Plan early to choose the right Venue or Hotel. With so much to think when you enter 6th Year your final Year of Secondary school before you head off to College and Adulthood, there can be so much pressure.  This is where Debs Planning comes in to its own.  By Joining the Committee you will not only learn the valuable skill of Time Management and Planning but you will also influence how you will like to remember those years in secondary school of hard work leading up to your leaving cert.
 As the Planning and Organising of the Ball and what Venue / Hotel you wish to go for takes a great deal of Time and Energy.  So therefore planning is ultimately left to one school club: the Debs committee.
If you want a say in your Theme, Venue, DJ and more, then look into joining. Organizing your school’s special night might seem intimidating at first, but it’s not impossible. Planning your ball will be much simpler if you break each task down one by one.

Here is List of  Tips that can help the you and the Committee meander through the planning Process and make life a lot less stressful in your final year of mocks, the leaving cert and CAO and college and university choice

Here are some pointers to consider.

1. Dates -

Mondays – Thurdays are the days normally preferred for the Balls, so will be the days most sought after for Venues & Hotels.  So bear this in mind when choosing the Venue.  As a Lot of Venues also hold Weddings on Friday and Saturdays may be out of the Question and so tend to be more expensive.

2. Time Management:

Not just used for Exam Time, the valuable use of Time by the Committee will ensure the Planning Process goes like clock work.

3. Venues & Hotels

While some schools hold ball in the gym or auditorium, others take to an off-campus location. The committee look into ballrooms, riverboats, convention centers, debs hotels and large, fancy restaurants.
Also, think big and outside the box. Could your ball be held outdoors or in a dance club during off-hours? Let your creativity inspire you.  As each school is different and Themes change. 
No matter how ideal the venue it is also an important aspect when choosing your Venue that the Venue or Hotel should be at most 45 Mins from you area to allow for Limousines and Transport to arrive in Time  and not miss the Meal.

4. Packages:

Some organisers have packages where you are forced to  include things that nobody has an interest in, so  pick and choose the extras wisely that will appeal to the most amount of people possible.

5. Picking a Theme and Song:

Deciding on a theme and a song is a huge part of the planning. If you’re stuck for theme ideas, order a variety of party decoration catalogues.
It will be easier to choose a theme or get inspired to create your own when you have a bunch of options laid out in front of you. Pick a few that you think will appeal to your classmates, then have the entire committee vote on one collective motif.
As for a song, ask the entire class to vote for which song they want. Choose five or six popular songs to put on the ballot, and also give students the option to write in their own idea. Many schools use their song to shape their 

6. Entertainment

DJ, band, or both? Deciding on the music is an especially important part of Debs planning, because tunes truly set the mood for the entire evening.
Ask DJs for a client list and references. A DJ specializing in ’80s tunes may be the go-to guy for a certain clientele, but those tunes were in heavy rotation before we knew how to spell Bieber. When interviewing bands, ask them what cover songs they play and listen to their demos to see if you like their sound. Overall, you’ll want a DJ or band that plays a variety of Top 40 hits with a nice infusion of dance party classics. Remember that the music will either inspire people to dance or sit on the sidelines.

7. Planning the Menu

Whether you do an entire sit-down dinner, a buffet or simply hors d’oeuvres, Debs-goers like to get their money’s worth. So, remember this simple tip when planning your menu.
Go for a menu that offers widely-adored, familiar foods with as much variety as your budget allows. For example, chicken, pasta and steak are classics, but tofu might be too foreign. Stick with an ice cream sundae or cupcakes for dessert over mango with sticky rice. Unsure if your menu has enough variety?
Ask the people on your committee. If there’s something on the menu for everyone’s taste buds, chances are there will be something appealing for all the people in your class.

8. Order Mementoes

After months of planning and one memorable night of celebrating, you’ll want a token party favor to take home. Your committee should put their heads together to find something that will fit with your theme, is memorable and of course, budget-friendly. Most catalogues include favours that coordinate with their recommended themes, but also consider locally-made keepsakes that will remind your classmates of your town when they go to college. Consider candles, sentimental boxes, etc. 

Organising the Ball and Venues  can be  stressful.  What with having to  make  sure that you yourself are ready for the big day can be hard enough, but then to ensure the debs for the entire school is fully ready. By using our helpful hints whenever you are planning your debs can reduce the stress and anxiety.

Resources for the Ball

If you are organising the Debs Ball in Ireland then check out  the following Debs websites Debs Zone Ireland These  Debs Ireland websites provides all the information on Debs Suppliers that you need on items like Debs Venue, Limousine Hire, Dresses Shops, Photos, Flowers Corsages, Debs Entertainment, Debs Shoes, Debs Tuxedoes, Debs Hair Styles and Debs Make-up for your Irish Debs