The Debs Ball Ireland – Girls Some Debs Planning Tips

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The Debs Ireland – Debs Ball Planning For The Girls

Cost of Tickets
If dinner there is no dinner being served at debs ball then the tickets will usually cost between €30-€50 per couple. If dinner is going to be included in the ticket price then it could cost between €90- €150 per couple. If this is the case, you may want to offer to split the cost of the ticket with your date.

Debs Dresses

The style of the debs dress you choose will vary from one year to the next year. Looking in magazines can give you an idea of what is popular. You can go to a dressmaker to have one custom made, but that can get very expensive. Shopping around in local stores and debs dress shops will give you a chance to check out the latest fashions in your area. Shopping on line has become a very popular way to see a variety of debs dresses in one place. You can use Debs Zone Ireland Many on line retailers offer detailed instructions on sizing and selection to insure proper fit. Most girls can spend upwards of between €200-€550.

Deb Accessories

Stay away from big earrings. Try on stockings beforehand to make sure the color looks right. Carry a small purse that is just big enough to hold lipstick, money, an extra pair of hose, and possibly a camera.

Debs Photographs

At most debs venues and debs hotels there will be a resident photographer. These debs photo packages can be rather expensive. You can get the price list at the school before the debs night so that you can plan accordingly. Most debs photographers take cheques with the proper ID or credit cards. That would be safer than carrying cash. You could spend between €50 – €150 on pictures. Check with the debs photographer in ireland for packages and payment options.

Hair/Nails/ Debs Make-up

Usually girls have these done professionally for their Debs Ball night. Some salons will do all three for you, or you could schedule appointments at different places. Look at Debs Zone to get ideas or check with friends to see what they like. If you do your own hair and want to try a new style or temporary perm be sure to experiment before the Ball.
You should try different styles up to six weeks before to work at a look you like best. If you use a professional, make sure the stylist knows what you want, otherwise you may dislike the results. Take in a picture from a magazine that show’s the look you’re going for.
The cost for a manicure can vary from €40-€80. You can have extensions put on or just a manicure with your own nails. You can also get a pedicure, but have this done 2-3 days beforehand. Most make-up artists charge €50-€100.

4 Months Before The Ball
1. Make a checklist.

2. Find out how much money your parents will contribute.

3. Start saving your money 

4. Pick out that special debs dress

3 Months Before your Ball
1. Begin to maintain your hair and nails.

2. Pick out your accessories to coordinate with your dress.

6 Weeks Before The Ball
1. Purchase your tickets.

2. Make an appointment to have your hair, nails, and make-up done.

3. If you are doing your own hair, start trying out different styles.

4. If you have not been asked for a date yet, check to see if the one you would like to go with has asked anyone, or ask a close friend before it’s too late. You can also go with a group of friends and have just as much fun and sometimes more.

5. Discuss your plans for your night with your parents.

4 Weeks Before The Ball
1. Start wearing your shoes around the house to break them in.

2. Pick up your dress.

3. If you haven’t already done so, introduce your date to your parents so there are no surprises on the Night!

2 Weeks Before The Debs Ball
1. Confirm all reservations and appointments you have made for the day and night of the ball.

2. Take care of last minute details: pantyhose, film, etc.

The Day
1. Pick up your date’s boutonniere.

2. Go to your hair, nails, and makeup appointment(s).

3. Put some extra cash in your purse.

History of the Debutante Ball or Debs Ball
The debutante ball is European in origin. In fact, the word “debutante” is derived from the French word “debuter,” which means, “to lead off.” In the English court of St. James,
the parents of young and affluent girls were looking to join the girls in marriage to men of comparable social standing and pedigree.
During the court’s season of April through July, many parties were held among the upper-class royals.
the emerging, yet extremely wealthy, middle class soon sought sponsors to present their daughters to this group of entitled bachelors and their families. The first party of the season involved the presentation of these women to the Queen.
The bow to the Queen is now referred to as the St. James bow, and is the highlight of the debutante balls of today. According to Wikipedia, Queen Elizabeth II abolished the formal presentation of debutantes to the court in 1958.

The original purpose of a public debut was to announce a young girl’s eligibility for marriage. Debutante balls are also known as “coming-out-parties,” cotillions and debuts. The debutantes would wear white formal ball gowns and pearls.
Modern debutante balls or debs balls in ireland signify the end of secondary school and teenage years and transition to adulthood as most debutantes are 17-18 years old. In Ireland Debs Balls are held during the months of July right through until November

Graduation nights for those in their leaving year take place around the month of May in Ireland

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